Caribbean Vegetarian Restaurants
Vegetarian Restaurants are becoming more popular because of the demand of those turning to the healthy lifestyle who are influencing hotel restaurants & cafes, local and international restaurants to prepare balanced and professionally presented meals.
Here is a list of manufacturing companies of foods and recipes that are infused with Ganja for Medicinal Use in accordance with the laws of your region.
Natural juices are a delicious part of the growing Wellness trend that has reached the Caribbean. To indulge, just ask your hotel restaurant , cafe or local restaurant for a blended juice. Most likely it will have papaya, banana, pineapple, or mango.You can also create your own exotic blends.
Food raised without chemicals and processed without additives. Under standards adopted by the U.S. Agriculture Dept. (USDA) in 2000 and fully effective in 2002, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and antibiotics may not be used in raising organic foods, and the use of irradiation, biotechnology, and sewer-sludge fertilizer is also banned.
Raw veganism is a diet which combines veganism and raw foodism. It excludes all food of animal origin, and all food cooked above 48 degrees Celsius (118 degrees Fahrenheit).
Here you will find a list of Caribbean Chefs. These are some of the top Chefs, many of them with multiple awards.
Here is a variety of vegetarian products, from veggie patties, veggie burgers, and everything vegetarian.
Here you will find a list of restaurants within the Caribbean countries and the Diaspora that have vegetarian choices on their menu.

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Let Your Food Be Your Medicine and Your Medicine Be Your Food

Montego Bay, St. James
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Chef Sherine Gayle live by the following goals and objectives: To be the best chef there ever was to complete every given task to the best of my ability, and to uphold the rules and regulations of of each project with integrity, honesty and pride.

Port Antonio,
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Sunfired foods are a fine array of astounding edible arts which make you look and feel supremely radiant and magnificently healthy.  The Sunfired Wellness Experience is a fantastic way to detoxify the body with raw foods, juices, herbal tonics, yoga and spa treatments. 

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